The products manufactured and supplied all across India and in the international market are made keeping the market requirements in view.

Product Range

Voss Fitting
Neutral Link
Electrical Ass.
Compression Fitting

Metal Terminal Blocks are utilized as frill in Panel Boards and Electrical Wiring Boards. Terminal Blocks are needed by different enterprises like Electrical, Electronics &communications. It is a considered as a spine in Building Circuit Protections, for example, MCB, Switchgears, Circuit breaker, RCD and so forth Board (Distribution Board) including copper transport bars, metal nonpartisan connections, and earth connects to encourage viable appropriation of current. It fuses security gadgets, for example, MCBs, ELCBs and Isolators, which serves to ensure the establishment. Terminal Blocks are critical parts in each use of its temperament. It assumes significant part in Isolation of Electric gear and clearing defective downstream, by methods for Switchgear and forestalling short out and shielding electric circuit from harm caused. By over-burden, as Circuit breaker and so on. Since we comprehend this criticality, we are resolved to convey top notch Brass Neutrals Links and Bars according to International Standards and Specifications, at faithful cost.

Brass Electric Component range include :

  • Link hauls
  • Brass link embed
  • Brass Neutral Bar
  • Brass Earth Bar
  • Brass Cable Gland
  • Brass Metering Current Terminals and Potential Terminals
  • Brass PCB Connector Block
  • Brass Switchgear and Switches Terminals
  • Brass Electrical Plug Pins, Brass Socket Pins
  • Brass Micro MCB, MCCB, ELCBs, Etc Pins and so forth

Free Cutting Brass IS 319 type (i) or
Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 type (i) or
High Grade Free Cutting Brass or
Any special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement


As per customer Drawings & specification or Samples.


Nickle Plated
Tin Plated or
Any type of Coating As Per Customer Specification

Special Features

Available as per the customer specifications and designs

Brass Neutral & Earth Bar Up to 1 meter, can be Developed and Supplied Exactly As per Customer Drawings, Design, Specifications, Samples & Requirement.


Any kind of brass electrical accessories can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.

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